Erik Christensen


Phone: 949-712-9348


Yacht Advisor

I have proudly held a 100 Ton captain’s license for the past two decades, during which I’ve skillfully navigated vessels ranging from 30 to 120 feet, including sport fishers and pleasure yachts. My maritime journeys have taken me across most of the Atlantic and throughout the entire Pacific. I possess comprehensive knowledge of diesel mechanics, specializing in servicing generators and water makers, and I am adept at managing all electronic systems on various types of boats. My experience extends to prestigious events such as the Fort Lauderdale boat shows, where I’ve showcased my expertise. Additionally, I have a proven track record of successfully hauling boats out at boatyards along both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, fostering strong relationships within the industry. I take pride in my exceptional interpersonal skills, adaptability, and unwavering motivation. My deep-rooted passion for yachting and its rich history drives me to help individuals find vessels that perfectly align with their lifestyle choices.