Leeann Iacino

Chief Of Operations

837 5th Street South
Naples, Florida 34102

Phone: 1-858-242-0422
Email: leeann.iacino@evyachting.com

Chief Of Operations

Leeann Iacino has extensive experience as a senior level executive with strategic and tactical responsibilities in restructuring, reorganizing, branding, and building engaged, talented teams.

With her proven leadership experience and high degree of integrity, Leeann has consistently innovated and kept brands engaged with their consumers in the marketplace. She has a broad knowledge base in numerous areas while maintaining sharp insight and excelling in the real estate industry. Leeann is passionate about branding and marketing with proven industry results. Her success comes from being a top production realtor combined with running the operations for a Fortune 500 real estate company. Leeann’s passion and success in real estate speaks for itself.