Charlie Seitz


Phone: 615-948-3641


Yacht Advisor

Charlie is a former cybersecurity professional (CISSP) who tired of the intense stresses of the Fortune 500 IT world after 20 years of crafting its defense systems. Knowing that a yacht owner’s best days are the day they purchase and the day they sell their vessel, Charlie wanted to be there for both. In 2018, he entered the field. He is now nearing his 200th boat deal.

Raised in Naples from a young age, Charlie has a lifelong love of both the waters and skies of his home. He’s been a certified scuba diver since age 15, exploring the waters off the Florida Keys, Gulf of Mexico, and Virgin Islands. He earned his private pilot’s license at the Naples Airport at 21 years old within a 6-week visit home from Wake Forest University. He’d decided that was the best way to top his previous year at Wake, where his anthropology major took him to an archaeological dig in the village of Ceredo, Italy. On that dig, they discovered the origins of 16th and 17th century gun flint production by accident – but that’s a story best shared while enjoying a tasty bourbon or cigar. If you catch him at the right time, this longtime home brewer may even bring some from his latest batch for your tasting pleasure.

Charles, his entertainment industry executive wife, and two teenagers make their home in Naples, where his son is a certified marine mechanic and his daughter brings life full circle with her attendance at Charles’ old stomping grounds those many years ago, Community School of Naples.

Boats for Sale
38' - Formula - 1996 - 382 SR-1 - Naples, Florida, United States382 SR-1
1996 / 2023 382 SR-1
  • Model 350 Verado
  • Engine Qty 3
  • Cabin Count 1
  • Sleep Count 4
  • Head Count 1
  • Center Consoles
  • 300,000
  • Cabins 1 Sleeps 4 Heads 1
  • Reasonable Offers Encouraged!
  • 3 Mercury 350 Verado
Boats for Sale
20' - Hurricane - 2011 - Sundeck 2000 - Naples, Florida, United StatesSundeck 2000
2011 Sundeck 2000
  • Model F150
  • Engine Qty 1
  • Cabin Count 0
  • Sleep Count 0
  • Head Count 0
  • Deck Boats/Bowrider
  • 29,000
  • Cabins 0 Sleeps 0 Heads 0
  • Make an Offer!
  • 1 Yamaha F150