Ryan Styles


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Yacht Advisor

A lifelong devotee to the marvels of maritime life, I have been stirred by the call of the ocean since childhood. Starting at the age of 13 and sailing across the awe-inspiring waters of the San Francisco Bay on a 38-foot Catalina, I found myself steeped in the grandeur of the bay and its sailing traditions. Under the grand silhouette of the Golden Gate, I learned the dance of the wind and waves, a foundational experience that has since defined my essence. In high school, I seized the extraordinary opportunity to crew the proud tall ship Californian, a vessel so esteemed it was crowned the official tall ship of California. Navigating along the coast from the Farallon Islands to Monterey, I became part of an unforgettable encounter with the gentle giants of the sea, a pod of Blue Whales, fostering a memory etched in exhilaration and wonder. My uncle’s transition to a 45-foot First Beneteau opened the gateway to recreational racing, including the Baja Ha Ha race from San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas. The raw power of nature’s squalls juxtaposed with the serenity of tropical waters augmented my understanding of and respect for the untamed sea. My sailboat adventures extend to challenging routes, like the arduous yet rewarding journey from San Francisco to Monterey, then back up to San Francisco. Yet, for all the adventures, it’s the annual pilgrimage on a 39 Tosca through the San Juan Islands with my closest confidants that renews my soul. SCUBA certified since 2002, I immerse myself in all aquatic avenues, yearning for globe-trotting exploits and the promise of nautical discoveries. Today, I stand at the helm of a new voyage as I unite my reverence for sailing with a professional venture in yacht and sailboat sales.