The first Mansion Yacht was created to provide a unique “Beach Front Mansion Yacht Experience” on your favorite beach but with the ability to move to another beach as desired. Whether you want to go to Winter-Biscayne Bay, the Bahamas, Summer-New Port, or even the Hamptons.

Several versions of this all new class of Mansion Yacht have been designed for use as Mobile and Stationary Restaurant/Bars, Boutique Hotels, Marinas, Clubhouses, and Event Boats. 

Prices starting at $4,000,000.

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• 4 Hydraulic Caissons Feet capable of lifting 1 million pounds each.
• Reinforced Water Tight Steel bulkheads
• 100 Horsepower 360 Degree Bow Thruster
• Twin Engine Power Package



• 4 Stabilizing pads with 18ft of stroke
• 4 Million pounds of load lifting capacity
• 3 Leg stabilizing capability
• AntiTwist-Frame Construction
• 4 Point Grounding technology ultimate leveling and stability
• Conservation- All New Non-Invasive Anchoring Technique
• Easy Instant Grounding & Vessel Positioning

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