Must Have Boating Apps!

There are several useful apps for boating that cater to different aspects of navigation, weather, safety, and overall enjoyment. Here are some popular ones:

  1. Navionics Boating: Offers detailed nautical charts, route planning, and navigation features. It’s widely used for GPS navigation on the water.

  2. iNavX – Marine Navigation: A comprehensive navigation app that includes charts, AIS tracking, route planning, and real-time weather information.

  3. Weather Apps (e.g., NOAA Weather Radar, Windy): Keep an eye on the weather conditions with apps that provide real-time weather updates, radar, and forecasts.

  4. BoatUS: Offers various features including weather, tides, navigation tools, and the ability to call for on-water assistance if you have a BoatUS membership.

  5. Windfinder: Specifically designed for wind and weather forecasts, which is crucial for sailors and boaters who want to plan their trips based on wind conditions.

  6. Fishbrain: If fishing is part of your boating experience, Fishbrain helps you discover the best fishing spots, log your catches, and connect with other anglers.

  7. Anchor Watch: This type of app helps you keep track of your boat’s position and alerts you if it drifts outside a predefined area. It’s useful for overnight anchoring.

  8. Sea Tow: If you’re a Sea Tow member, their app can be handy for requesting assistance, getting tide and weather information, and accessing local discounts.

  9. Boat Beacon: This app provides AIS (Automatic Identification System) information, helping you see and be seen by other vessels.

  10. Boat Ramps: An app that helps you locate boat ramps, marinas, and fuel stations, making it easier to plan your trip and find necessary amenities.

Remember to check the specific features of each app to ensure they meet your needs and are compatible with your device. Also, it’s crucial to have a reliable power source for your device, especially on longer trips, so consider having a backup power supply or a solar charger. Always prioritize safety and adhere to boating regulations and guidelines in your area.