The Ideal Size for a First Boat

The ideal size for a first boat depends on various factors, including your boating experience, intended use, budget, and where you plan to use the boat. Here are some general guidelines to consider:

  1. Experience Level: If you’re a novice boater, it’s usually advisable to start with a smaller boat. This allows you to become familiar with basic boating skills in a more manageable and less intimidating vessel.

  2. Intended Use: Consider what activities you plan to do with your boat. Different boats are designed for various purposes, such as fishing, cruising, watersports, or overnight stays. Choose a size that accommodates your preferred activities.

  3. Budget: Smaller boats tend to be less expensive not only to purchase but also to maintain and operate. Factor in costs like storage, fuel, maintenance, and insurance when determining your budget.

  4. Storage and Transportation: Consider where you will store the boat when not in use. Smaller boats are generally easier to store at home, in a garage, or on a trailer. Larger boats may require marina storage.

  5. Location: If you plan to boat in smaller bodies of water, like lakes and rivers, a smaller boat may be more suitable. For coastal or offshore boating, a larger, more seaworthy vessel may be necessary.

  6. Number of passengers: Think about how many people you typically want to bring along. Larger boats can accommodate more passengers, but they also require more power to operate.

Common choices for first-time boat owners include small runabouts, bowriders, or center console boats in the 16 to 22-foot range. These sizes are often manageable for beginners while providing versatility for various activities. Always ensure you are compliant with local regulations and have the necessary training and certifications for the type of boat you choose. Additionally, consider taking a boating safety course to enhance your knowledge and skills.

From compact vessels suited for beginners to spacious yachts designed for seasoned sailors, EV Yachting’s fleet offers a diverse range of boat sizes tailored to cater to every individual’s experience level and preference.